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Operating Theatre

The Cross Clinic is equipped with an intelligent operating theatre of the latest generation fully equipped to perform all kinds of surgical interventions.

Our surgical equipment is complemented by experimented anaesthetists and nurses specialized in the follow-up and caretaking of all our patients.

Our patients´ security and satisfaction is our main aim.

Unidades de despertar

Awakening units

The Cross Clinic has fully equipped single rooms where patients recover comfortably in private and exclusive surroundings.

The rooms have:

  • Continuous motorization
  • Strict and personalized surveillace during the post-surgery phase by specialized nursing personnel. Each patient has his/her own nursing personnel.
  • Complete bathroom
  • Telephone services, internet, TV, etc.
Gabinetes de medicina estética

Aesthetic medicine

The Cross Clinic has modern and ample rooms, completely equipped where aesthetic medicine treatments which don´t need surgical intervention are applied like botulic toxin, facial fillings, breast augmentation without surgery, etc.

Gabinetes de cirugía oral

Oral surgery

The Cross clinic has modern and ample surgery rooms, completely equipped where oral surgery treatments are applied under local anaesthesia or light sedation like the wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, small osteal graftings, etc.

Diagnosis and 3D planning

The maxillofacial and aesthetic treatments offered by the Cross Clinic make use of the most advanced 3D computer programmes for your diagnosis and planning in this matter. These programmes guarantee an exact and precise vision of the cases being treated.

A programme which permits visualization of the bones of the face in three dimensions. Enables us to see and plan complex implantology and orthognatic surgery cases.

A programme which permits planning for implant cases. By the means of a scanner the quality and dimension of the maxillary bone, where the implants are to be placed, is evaluated.

In the same way it is possible to carry out a planned surgery placing the implants virtually. It also permits to manufacture a guide post where the implant can be placed without incision.

A programme which enables visualization of the bones of the skull and taking of different measurements in 3D as well as volumes in the air way, essential for the sleep apnea.

Diagnóstico 3D

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