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Facial Surgery

  • Minimum invasive rejuvenation
    Lifting and mini lifting of minimum scars with the most natural and enduring results returning the smoothest and most harmonious signs of youth to the face.
  • Blefaroplasty or the surgery of the vision
    All the techniques which illuminate the vision with the minimum recovery time and the maximum comfort.
  • Rhinoplasty
    A nose surgery with excellent natural results. A surgery to improve breathing and post traumatic consequences. Our techniques achieve a proportionated nose, with natural aspect which is in a harmonious balance with the rest of the features of the face.
  • Otoplasty
    Correction of the deformity of the ears, especially that which is indicated in early years of childhood.
  • Profile surgery
    Tissue modification to get a more symmetrical and harmonious face. Prostheses of integrated substances which project cheeks, jaw and chin.

Corporal contour surgery

  • Abdominal surgery
    The mini abdominalplasty corrects the excess of abdominal fat and skin recomposing the muscles, as well as the grooves and scars after previous surgeries.
  • Liposuction
    The latest techniques which guarantee the best results with the minimum recovery time.
  • Buttocks and extremities surgery
    The flabbiness in arms, legs and buttocks is minimized with quick and comfortable surgeries.

Breast Surgery

  • Breast augmentation
    Surgical procedures to improve the size and form of a woman´s breast. With the latest available prostheses, which are automatic and made of cohesive gel, we manage to get the maximum security and the most natural results.
    Non-invasive breast augmentation. Hyaluronic acid of latest generation is used to achieve the size and volume of breast desired by patients who immediately wish to return to work.
  • Breast reduction
    We correct the disproportional volume of the breast after pregnancy, breast feeding or weight and hormone changes by means of conservative scar techniques.
  • Breast lifting
    The mastoplasty is a surgery procedure for lifting and improving the form of saggy breasts. Resets the saggy breasts in their natural position with the minimum incisions and sometimes with silicon prostheses which reaffirm and beautify them.
  • Gynecomasty
    Recommended for men with normal weight or moderate obesity who want to enjoy a chest proportionate with the rest of the body. In most cases, the liposuction resolves the excess volume, making the recovery easier.

Surgery after motherhood

Complete treatments to improve the form and volume of the breast and the abdominal contour in women after their pregnancy experience. The stretch marks, abdominal distension, flabbiness and indiscreet fat accumulation appear after the pregnancies. Minimum scars with natural results and quick recovery give our patients the major satisfaction.

Male Aesthetic Surgery

Baldness surgery, body contouring after being overweight and facial surgery are the most Sought after by the male public. Our patients always demand the security, privacy and exclusivity of our installation for these treatments.


Aesthetic medicine

  • Botulinum toxin
    Minimalizes temporarily the wrinkles from the facial expressions. The new techniques improve the profile of the face and neck managing a totally rejuvenating effect in the most natural way.
  • Sweating Hyperhidrosis treatment
    The botulic toxin has a solution for all the patients who suffer from this social and working life inconvenience.
  • Migraine treatment
    In conveniently selected patients, the application of the botulic toxin reduces the incidences of migraine episodes, improving their quality of life.
  • Facial and corporal fillings with the safest and most reliable products
    Hyaluronic acid of the latest generation for the deepest and most indiscreet scars.
  • Lipofilling
    We use the patients´ own abdominal fat to restore the facial volume in the most natural and durable way avoiding rejections and complications. Filling and liposuction in the same procedure.
  • Minimum invasive treatments with excellent results
    Peelings, facial mesotherapy and dermoabrasion return shine and splendour to the face.
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