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Bone regeneration surgery

When a tooth is lost, the bone begins to disappear little by little. Sometimes the remaining bone is insufficient for dental implant insertion and it is necessary to regenerate the bone.

Techniques The Cross Clinic offers you to resolve these issues:

  • Intraoral bone grafting
    Chin bone graft and mandibular ramus bone graft. Slight invasive techniques with quick recovery, anaesthesia, or sedation.
  • Extraoral bone grafting
    Iliac crest bone graft and calvarian bone graft. When a larger amount of bone is needed. General anaesthesia or sedation. Minimum hospitalisation. Quick recovery.
  • Maxillary sinus bone grafting (Sinus lift)
    Slight invasive technique. An artificial bone is used. Quick recovery.
  • Other techniques
    Other regeneration techniques with artificial bone and collagen membrane.

All these techniques are very reliable with a success rate of almost 100 per cent.

Orthognatic Surgery

The orthognatic surgery corrects the deviations of the facial bones which are manifested like alterations of the tooth position and the aesthetics of the face. All these treatments are planned with 3D computer programmes of the latest generation.

Predictable results according to the planning. Minimum incisions. Minimum stay at the Clinic. Quick recovery.

Techniques The Cross Clinic offers you to resolve these issues:

  • Upper jaw surgery
  • Lower jaw surgery
  • Surgery of facial symmetry
  • Chin bone surgery

Sleep Apnea Surgery

Sleep apnea is a serious illness which not only alters sleep and night rest but also causes heart, lung and even brain disturbances. The only definite remedy is surgery. In The Cross Clinic we diagnose and plan with sophisticated computer programmes to choose the treatment for each case.

Techniques The Cross Clinic offers you to resolve sleep apnea:

  • Soft Tissue Surgery
    Rhinoseptoplaty, Soft Palate Surgery, Turbinate and Tongue reduction. General anaesthesia or sedation. Non-invasive techniques: radiofrequency. Quick recovery. Slight discomfort.
  • Bone Surgery
    Upper and Lower jaw surgery. Surgery to resolve the most serious cases. Short stay at the Clinic. Predictable results.

Oral Surgery

A slightly complex surgery performed with minimum incisions for a quick recovery. Minimum inflammation. Minimum discomfort.

Some of the treatments the Clinic offers you with this kind of surgery:

  • Third Molar Removal ( wisdom teeth )
  • Impacted Canine Removal
  • Odontogenic Cyst and Tumor Removal
  • Oral Lesions Treatment

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most usual techniques. Cross Clinic uses sophisticated 3D planned programmes which permit the placement in an extremely precise way ( guided surgery ), even in difficult locations without performing cuts in the gum ( the slightest invasive surgery ) and without having to wait for tooth placement. Quick recovery. Local anaesthesia or sedation. Minimum inflammation.

Temporomandibular Joint Pathology Treatment ( TMJ )

Problems due to the malfunctioning of the temporomandiblar joint like pain, clicking and locking are very usual and can interfere in your daily life. When classical therapies fail, there are different treatments which can relieve these symptoms.

  • Arthrocentesis and washing out the joint
  • Meniscopexy and Meniscus replacement
  • TMJ Anchylosis treatment
  • TMJ prosthesis design using 3D technology
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